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  • 3,552 state employees were paid in excess of $100,000 in CY 2005.
  • These employees were paid a total of just over $425 million in total.
  • 546 State employees were actually paid in excess of $141,000 (salary and overtime).
  • 14,448 State employees actually get paid more than 110% of their annual salary each year through overtime.
  • Of these overtime employees, 109 more than doubled their salaries through overtime, thereby allowing them in many instances to cause their annual pension payments to be twice their final salaries at the time they retire. 

    From the Asbury Park Press, we get the top 10 reasons why businesses don't want to stay in New Jersey or come to New Jersey. Click here to view the Asbury Park Press piece online.

    10.) New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the nation.

    9.) New Jersey has the highest health insurance costs in the nation.

    8.) Only parts of California and Hawaii have higher housing costs than Central and North Jersey, and rents in New Jersey are the second highest in the nation. That's driving many of New Jersey's best, brightest and wealthiest out of state.

    7.) Thanks to the recent 16 percent increase in the state sales tax, New Jersey is tied with two other states for the highest rate in the nation. (And now Gov. Corzine is suggesting the Legislature consider allowing local communities to impose their own sales taxes.)

    6.) Only four states have a higher top income tax rate than New Jersey.

    5.) New Jersey's energy, insurance and regulatory costs are among the highest in the nation.

    4.) The political bosses and public employee unions dictate government policy. Corzine's ex-squeeze heads the state's most powerful union, and Corzine pledged at a union rally protesting badly needed benefit givebacks, "I stand with you. I'll fight with you."

    3.) New Jersey has a well-deserved reputation for political corruption a reputation that has been enhanced by its last two laughingstock attorneys general.

    2.) New Jersey's once-vaunted labor pool is no longer the envy of the pharmaceutical and communications worlds.

    1.) The state's lawmakers have shown themselves to be completely inept at solving problems needed to help the state prosper.

    The solution to New Jersey's problems is easy -- less government. It is so simple.

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