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Img15.jpg What does the Constitution say that the government may do?

Too often we speak of the constitutional limitations of the federal government as though citizens know what Congress may do as listed in Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution.

Below are listed the things that the federal government may do. These are abbreviated for clarity, however, the meaning has not been changed.

What does the Constitution say that the government may do?

1. Borrow money.

2. Regulate commerce among states.

3. Regulate naturalization.

4. Regulate bankruptcies.

5. Coin money.

6. Fix weights and standards.

7. Punish counterfeiters.

8. Establish post offices.

9. Establish post roads.

10. Record patents.

11. Protect copyrights.

12. Create federal courts.

13. Punish pirates.

14. Declare war.

15. Raise an army.

16. Provide a navy.

17. Call up the militia.

18. Organize the militia.

19. Makes laws for Washington, D.C.

20. Make rules for the Army and Navy.

According to the 10th Amendment, all else is controlled by the states or the people.

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